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Parlez-vous English?

These are snippets from our book: “Successful exporting – negotiating the dangers of the deep”.

“DD” – Deep Diver – pressures you throughout the book with the most challenging in-depth questions.


English carries the undeserved reputation of being easy to speak. If it is not your mother tongue, and you have had to learn English from scratch, you might discover that it is more challenging than expected. The level of learning difficulty actually derives from the origins and structure of your native tongue. A language is spoken before it is written or read. Therefore, in order to be properly understood, sound, tonality, rhythm, emphasis, pronunciation, accent, etc. are all components which need to be conveyed correctly along with the meanings of the words, phrases or sentences themselves … and your mother tongue may affect your ability to reproduce these elements comprehensively. All these factors contribute to the confidence with which you speak and the authority which you impart. (…)

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