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Visiting a Trade show? Why bother? - Part 1/3

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

International Trade - Where?

The world is our oyster – and needs our nourishment. International engagement is inevitable and exciting these days. But where do you look for opportunities?

Trade shows vary in quality and content enormously. And just as you would do if you were choosing to exhibit somewhere yourself, you should also have a plan if you want to visit in order to grow your organisation. ..

a visiting strategy.

Where? Europe post Brexit? Scandinavia ? The Commonwealth countries? North or South America? First decide which territories your current and future products and services may offer an unmet need. Logical? Of course… but often ignored in the face of existing patterns and markets.

Check out the traditional Trade shows in these locations also “reverse engineer” your schedule. Which countries are hosting inward missions here? Holding conferences on their holiday or business infrastructure? Or promoting themselves through trade and professional associations. Add to this list sporting events held here (Commonwealth Olympics) and visit informally as opposed to being an event delegate. In our experience far more long term quality business is generated through contacts at relaxed, non-business meetings than at formal networking sessions.

Brexit has given us a chance to think anew about where we want to do business – and with who. Create your own strategy and tread new ground.

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