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“Our brands and trademarks work anywhere …”


You are both satisfied with and proud of the instant recognition your current brand names and trademarks enjoy at home. You know that there is intrinsic value wherever they appear. They are read, pronounced and understood consistently. They differentiate you clearly from your competitors. They reinforce the promise of your brand. They deliver their own distinct energy.

Now you need to consider how they might work outside your home market - where languages, alphabets and ideograms are unfamiliar, different, alien. Consider this: you are a Japanese supplier of electronics selling in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); or a Russian distillery selling vodka in Thailand; or a French fashion retailer expanding into China; or a Scottish clothing manufacturer looking to sell in South Korea …

You need to understand the visual and auditory responses that your target population is conditioned to make. This needs thorough research and testing in order to avoid potentially damaging misunderstandings in the reading of and listening to your brand names when written or spoken. Although it may go against the grain to change or amend your brand names, design or logo in any way, it is imperative to be flexible in order to be commercially effective, without compromising your corporate image and brand values. You also need to be sure that customers in your target market completely understand the meaning of your brand name and its promises.


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