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"Read this highly engaging, fascinating and accessible book that unlocks the mystery of how to achieve export business success through choice not  chance



Sunday Times Best Selling Author

S.U.M.O Guy - International Speaker


Successful exporting – negotiating the dangers of the deep succinctly addresses the deeper challenges of exporting and dives beyond the typical shallow thinking adopted by well-intentioned, enthusiastic but time-poor entrepreneurs.


  • 8 key misguided assumptions - and how to address them

  • more than 25 authentic case studies

  • 50 proven business life savers


This book will disrupt you. It will challenge or validate your current approach to exporting.

£12.95 + P&P

*Order before June 30th 2021 for only 

£9.75 + P&P

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Globalisation or international development is more vital than ever for a business to survive, let alone grow. This book equips the reader to take advantage of genuine export opportunities

The book addresses the fears and risks associated with exporting and reassures the reader that international growth is available to any business that conducts in-depth research, adopts the right attitude, and develops a comprehensive strategy.

Readers are challenged to resolve seven of the key business considerations facing them when seeking success in export markets: 

  • product and service adaptation

  • comprehensive communication 

  • portable protected branding

  • high-performance trade shows

  • optimised go-to-market channels 

  • fit-for-purpose internal organisation 

  • controlled effective cash flow

About the authors


Laurent Houlier

Laurent is an accomplished and high achieving International Business Director, with Board-level expertise.

John Blaskey

John is an international exhibition consultant, public speaker and presenter with over forty years’ industry experience under his belt.

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This book equips the reader to take advantage of genuine export opportunities

Exporting, like scuba diving, may appear at first sight dangerous and only for the select few.


Both are actually accessible to anyone, providing you have researched your targeted areas, developed your strategy and you approach it with the right attitude to discovery.

Read Successful Exporting – Negotiating the Dangers of the Deep and you will be equipped to design an alternative strategy appropriate to your industry and to the scale of your own business.

Whether you are new to exporting, studying or a seasoned veteran of international sales, it is a refreshing, stimulating read and highly recommended.


President, EOG (European Outdoor Group)

A real business lifesaver.

Successful Exporting is a must-read for international business developers.


Head of Swisscom Ventures

Every page of this book contains a gem. It is written succinctly with no weasel words. Buy this book if you intend to export. It is the best marketing investment you will ever make.



Behavioural economist - International business speaker - Formerly Client Director Henley Business School 

What readers are saying...

Successful Exporting

Negotiating the Dangers of the Deep

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This concise book serves time-starved small to medium enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs, owners, and directors in any industry (products and services) aiming for international or global development.


It is designed for businesses anywhere in the world. This book is also directed toward those studying or teaching international business.

Order now.

£12.95 + P&P

Reduced to £9.75 + P&P until June 30th 2021

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