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Visiting a Trade show? Why bother? - Part 2/3

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

International Trade - What?

If you always do what you’ve always done… you’ll always get what you’ve always had.

Post Pandemic businesses are reviewing their offerings on all levels. Are our products still relevant? How do we keep up with – or overtake technology? Is there a product or service which we can now offer as an initiative to completely refresh our operation and at the same time move into sectors of the future?

A key objective when visiting a show is to educate oneself on new products, services and sector developments. It could also be a key aim for us to gain inspiration as to what we could offer in the future heading toward emerging markets and opportunities.

The conversation about the Planet, our legacy and how we do business is propelling us towards simpler mechanical devices – water turbines which harvest river currents for electricity; miniature solar panels which generate light in recyclable plastic bottles; Scandinavian sand Batteries to replace current fossil fuels; soluble shampoo pellets; etc. etc. Check out the video “ 22 Inventions that are Saving our Planet” to deliver inspiration for your own future development.

The “Planet Local” documentary on Netflix explores the benefits of sourcing locally rather than from remote providers. This in itself suggests you should visit smaller local shows, fairs, Melas, and Open Days.

Another fast developing area is Education – especially for those who missed out on person to person teaching over the past two years. Although this may not be in your current offering have you a training programme which you can offer as Masterclasses, Lunch and Learn, Seminars or Keynotes to extend your reach and revenue?

Finally you will always have the chance to introduce, offer, pitch your own products and services to Exhibitors. Caution: always state early in any conversation that you may yourself have something to offer the stand holders if they have some time to open this opportunity. Typically smaller shows can get quieter in the afternoon – so this may be the best time to approach bored and lonely stand owners.

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