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Visiting a Trade show? Why bother? - Part 3/3

International Trade - How?

Making the case for Face to Face. Doing business across the Planet has evolved rapidly via the internet.

We are no longer baby Zoomers. So what have Trade shows and the like to offer beyond windows?

There is no substitute for impromptu conversations with exhibitors – and fellow visitors – to generate unexpected ideas and inspiration. So be brave and say “hello” to everyone (as long as you have some filtering questions for follow up).

The laws of the Universe mitigate in favour of those who connect authentically to each other – with no “screen” to mask your persona. So be yourself, be curious, be open and be aware of what you are projecting.

Your body language, attitude, and your ability to listen clearly while holding space for whoever is speaking to you are fundamental. So be present – or send someone from your company who can do this naturally.

Of course you should pre-plan which stands you want to single out for a particular reason – and it may pay you to pre-appoint these. Have a system for walking the show, by product/service sector, by layout, or by appointment. And be aware of time. Your key outcome may simply be to arrange a future appointment for in-depth conversations with those who spark your genuine interest as opposed to involving yourself in long on-stand dialogues.

Most Shows these days include a programme of informed presentations on relevant topics. Your visitor strategy should include attending these to review potential opportunities for your own business.

Be specific. As mentioned in our two previous articles/blogs… be strategic in which events you attend, what you research there and what you want to come away with to validate your visit. These days it is also more authentic to use public transport wherever possible, to minimise brochure and freebie collection and not to visit in numbers if avoidable.

Remember always that we are human beings, we are connected and we thrive in company.

Our enterprises also grow through listening respectfully to each other – and to the planet.

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